Curriculum Services

Delta Sports Coaching aims to provide opportunities for children, young people and adults to participate, develop and learn a wide range of sports.

Delta Early Years

Our Early Years Sports Days offer an opportunity for nurseries to showcase the physical development of their children from throughout the academic year in an end of term event.

Active Intervention

Our skilled coaches actively intervene to support children facing challenges, addressing behaviour, boosting confidence, and providing tailored support for specific needs.

Wrap Support

Wrap Around Support offers various services tailored to suit the needs of both children and their busy parents. From breakfast, lunch, to after-school clubs, our program ensures all-day care, keeping children active, engaged, and nurtured.

Breakfast Clubs

Delta Sports' Breakfast Club Delivery, sees our experienced coaches provide a range of activities to keep your kids entertained, while they enjoy a nutritious breakfast. We provide a variety of breakfast options to suit everyone's tastes, such as cereal, toast, and fruit.

Staff CPD

Our Staff CPD programme is designed to ensure teachers are equipped to teach P.E and up-skill themselves to the highest level of proficiency. A great way to develop your existing skills as a teacher and to provide a great service to your students.

After School Clubs

We offer after school clubs to suit your schedule. This can be in schools or as a parent funded after school club. We ensure your little ones are active, healthy and happy whilst working alongside your schedule.

Lunch Clubs

Our Lunchtime Supervisor Support is designed to provide a safe and enjoyable environment for children during lunchtime. We provide support to lunchtime staff by providing activities and games to keep the children entertained. We also monitor the behaviour of the children to ensure that everyone is having fun and staying safe. Our experienced staff are committed to creating a positive lunchtime atmosphere for all children.

PE Lessons

If you're looking for a dynamic, full and enriching PE experience for your child, look no further than Delta Sports Coaching. Contact us now to learn more about our programs and enroll your child today.