Delta Softball Cricket Camps

Inkberrow Cricket Club
Date :
August 1, 2024
13:00 - 16:00
Date End:
August 1, 2024

Softball Cricket Camp

Experience the Joy at Delta Sports Coaching's Softball Cricket Camp!

Come and join the fun at Delta Sports Coaching's Softball Cricket Camp! Perfect for kids of all abilities, our camp is all about having a great time while learning the basics of cricket. Whether your child is new to the game or looking to improve, they're sure to enjoy every moment with us!

What to Expect:

  • Fun-Loving Coaches: Our enthusiastic coaches create a super fun and relaxed environment where kids learn cricket through awesome games and activities.
  • Everyone's Welcome: We celebrate every child's unique abilities and ensure that all kids, including those with autism, feel included and valued.
  • Play and Learn: Through playful drills and exercises, kids pick up cricket skills like batting, bowling, and fielding while having a blast.
  • Team Fun: Emphasis on teamwork and making new friends, helping kids build confidence and enjoy the game together.
  • Safety First: Our coaches ensure a safe, supportive space where every child can thrive and have fun.

What is Softball Cricket?

Softball cricket is a fun and beginner-friendly version of cricket using a soft ball. It's perfect for kids of all ages and abilities, focusing on basic skills like batting, bowling, and fielding in a playful and safe environment. It's the ideal way to start loving cricket!

What is the Difference Between Softball and Hardball Cricket

Softball cricket uses a soft ball, making it safer and great for beginners, focusing on fun and basic skills. Hardball cricket uses a hard ball, needing protective gear and offering a more competitive, advanced experience for kids looking to elevate their game.

If you’re interested in Hardball Cricket for your child, click here to find out more!

At Delta Sports Coaching's Softball Cricket Camp, we focus on making cricket a joyful and inclusive experience for all kids. Our fun and supportive coaching style ensures that every child, regardless of their abilities, has a fantastic and enriching time.

Register now and let your child discover the joy of cricket in the most fun way possible!